Chronic non communicable diseases including CKD is causing significant morbidity and mortality in developing countries, Kenya included. This public health problem has affected the quality of life of those affected and has also increased the financial burden of Kenyans. Health care providers for these ailments mainly practice in the referral hospitals rendering a majority of the very needy population inaccessible to care.  With the devolution of health care services, equipping health care facilities with competent health personnel is critical to improving on equity and access in health care At present county healthcare facilities lack the human capacity to manage and run the currently provided state of the art facilities by the government through the managed equipment scheme progam. The EAKI programs were aimed to rolling  out  comprehensive dialysis program across the country through the Medical Equipment Services project of the Ministry of Health and the Africa Development Bank. The courses is therefore aimed at bridging the capacity gaps by training Physicians, Surgeons and Medical officers to enable them offer initial management to patients suffering from kidney diseases and particularly those requiring dialysis within the counties. The HCPs will also be equipped with skills necessary to enable them manage the renal units in cost effective manner at the same time providing quality healthcare.

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